Decades of cutting-edge projects

Digital Gold Vault
Development , Featured , Mobile , Product , Server , Web

View your gold, learn its history, and see its blockchain-backed ownership history.

One Button Video
Development , Mobile , Product , Server

A technically innovative way of integrating a ‘Join a telehealth’ call in the company’s web, Android, iOS, and Flutter-based products. It solved an emergency COVID need.

One Button Uber POC
Development , Mobile , Product

One button to order an Uber to your drug trial appointment using Uber’s special ‘healthCare’ API

Development , Mobile

An app to keep you engaged with your drug trial

Development , Mobile

An eBook reader and audiobook player on Android

Development , Mobile

An ad-supported text message app.

Verizon Tones
Development , Featured , Mobile , Product , Server

If you bought a ringtone or ringback tone on a Verizon flip phone, you used my app. I owned it from start to finish. It was the most downloaded app in the world for several years.

R2/D2 Phone
Development , Featured , Mobile , Product

I owned all the special software on the R2/D2 phone. Including such things as the Hoth Binoculars, Hoth Weather widget, and Shake-your-phone to get R2 to come out.

SimplyCalled Home Services App
Development , Mobile , Product , Server , Web

An app to manage phone calls and scheduling for the busy home services pro. By my startup.

SimplyCalled Customer Support
Development , Featured , Mobile , Product , Server , Web

Android SDK and a ‘customer service system integration layer’ to allow interactions with customers during and after phone calls.

VCast SongID
Development , Featured , Mobile , Product , Server

Verizon’s version of Shazam to ID songs. It was popular before Shazam.

Inter-Carrier Text Messages
Development , Featured , Mobile , Server , Web

If you text a friend on another carrier today, there’s a 50% chance it went through my software. Many billions a day.

Itanium UnixWare
Development , Server

While working in the Bell Labs (et al.) world for 16 years… I was on the five-person team that was the first to boot an OS on Intel’s then-new Itanium chip. I was on-stage talking about this all around Europe.

UnixWare 7- Unix 95 Compatibility
Development , Featured , Product , Server

At Bell Labs et al., responsible for ensuring compatibility between various Unix flavors.

Unix Multiprocessor
Development , Server

I was the first to get our multiprocessor Unix to boot to multi-user mode at Bell Labs. We had a party when I did.

BabyBlue: CP/M on the IBM PC
Desktop , Development , Product

IBM-PC bus card, I worked on the hardware and did the software on this critical device for allowing CP/M software to run on MS-DOS machines.

CP/M Porting
Desktop , Development , Featured

I was the world’s most prolific porter of CP/M to new hardware. It led to an offer from Bill Gates.

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