Digital Gold Vault

Digital Gold Vault Marketing Video


Gilded sells gold bars for investment. These bars are securely stored in a commercial vault, such as Brinks. Gilded records your exclusive ownership rights on the blockchain.

The ‘Digital Gold Vault’ shows you the actual bars you own. These bars can be seen in a list, in 3D, or in augmented reality. It assembles a story of the bar from various blockchain records. The story starts with it being minted and ends with your ownership.

The purpose of the Digital Gold Vault is to make you feel that your bar is real, even though you can’t touch it: the bar has a history,  it has a story. The goal is for you to trust in the fact that you and only you own this bar.

The Digital Gold Vault is engineered as a widget that can be inserted into a bank’s existing technology, such as Web, iOS, Android or Flutter.