R2/D2 Phone Exclusive Content

 I was responsible for all the ‘Exclusive content’ mentioned in this video


The R2/D2 phone was a limited-edition Android phone jointly developed by Verizon, Motorola, and Lucas Films to commemorate the 25th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.

The phone itself was embossed to look like R2/D2. There was an R2 animation when the phone booted. Once the phone was up, there was ‘exclusive content.’ The phone included fun live wallpaper to navigate an asteroid belt, shake the phone to get R2 out and tilt it to get him home, and a Hoth binocular app, a virtual reality app before its time.

It also had many exclusive Empire Strikes Back images in a library.

We also developed a few apps to be uploaded simultaneously to the nascent Google App Store for those who didn’t purchase the phone. (To be honest, I don’t recall which ones were preloaded and which were in the store)