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New Mobile App
Have a fantastic idea and decided to get it built? You might have extensive experience in what you do, but not so much on the tech side. We've got you covered!

We'll provide you with everything you need in a tech cofounder, from design to build, pulling in resources you may need from our vast Rolodex of experienced design, marketing, and tech professionals. We do it right the first time, something you rarely get from 'development shops.'
Existing Mobile App
Have an existing app and need to get it on the right track? Need to build and grow?

We can take over product design and development responsibilities from your existing leadership. We can lead your current team or supplement it from our Rolodex of experienced professionals.

General Design and Development
Are you happy with your product and its growth and need experienced designers and developers to build or modify your Web, back-end, or Mobile app?

Our Rolodex is chock-full of experienced men and women in every part of the design and building process and conversant in every new and emerging technology.

Choose Your Fraction

Choose the CPTO/CTO/CPO fraction that fits your budget for your growing business. Depending on the days per week you engage us, here are some needs we can help you with, but we're open to any arrangements


  • Need new leadership
  • Need POC, Prototype and MVP
  • Not time-bound
  • Lead a team
  • Succeed existing leadership
  • Have an existing product
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2-3 DAYS/WEEKRecommended

  • Need new leadership
  • Succeed existing leadership
  • Need POC, Prototype and MVP
  • Have an existing product
  • Time-bound
  • Lead a team
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  • Succeed existing leadership
  • Have an existing product
  • Not time-bound
  • Lead a team
  • Need new leadership
  • Need POC, Prototype and MVP
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  • Need new leadership
  • Need POC, Prototype and MVP
  • Have an existing product
  • Time-bound
  • Succeed existing leadership
  • Lead a team
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If you're new to all this...

What is a Fractional CPTO (or CTO), and why do I need one?

A CPTO is a highly experienced leader who is your Chief Product and Technology Officer. Fractional means you select the amount of time relative to your needs and resources.

A Product Officer puts the customer first and helps you design the product your customers want and need. A Technology Officer architects your product and then directs the design and build. A CPTO combines these two and is responsible for understanding customers and the market and guiding products from conception to production, including all aspects of research, design, prototyping, software development, and delivery. Everything you need to realize your dream.

In short, a CPTO takes both the 'what' and 'how' of your product off your hands so you can focus on growing your business. We serve as your technical cofounder without the need to give away ownership.

We also have a Rolodex of equally experienced design, marketing, and technical professionals and partner companies to bring onto the project, allowing you to have a one-stop shop to get your product out the door..

Steps to an MVP Your CustomersWill Love

There's much more to putting your first app in a store that your customers will love than 'finding a developer.' These are the tried and true steps professionals follow to get a product from concept to market. We'll guide your development through each step when you engage us as a fractional CPTO.

1. Mind Meld
The main job of a CPTO or CTO is to get into your head and completely understand your vision. You iterate on a goal statement until everyone is 100% in sync. A personal rapport with the CPTO or CTO here is critical.​

2. Customer Comes First
A 'Product-focused' startup puts the needs of the customer first. Applying Product Management tools allows you to assess your product's viability, value, and usability by researching the landscape and talking to customers.
3. Proof of Concept
The product may have technical, operational, or logistic hurdles. A POC assesses the feasibility of the product. It is meant for internal use and will never see the light of day. This step is optional if there is nothing to prove.

4. Prototype and Feedback
A Prototype is a high-fidelity graphic mock-up of your proposed app that responds to some clicks. It has no 'code'. You use this to get feedback from friends, focus groups, and potential customers before taking on the expense of producing it.
5. Architecture and Project Setup​
Your full-stack end-to-end system is designed here, from the server to the admin tools and onto the mobile app. Buy-or-build assessments are made. Infrastructure to run the Agile team happens here, too, so your devs can hit the ground running.
6. Minimal Viable Product (MVP)​
The MVP is your first actual product. As the name implies, you produce an app with just enough features to prove all your business assumptions.

7. Publish!
With all the previous steps completed you put your app in the app stores. This is your big shot. It needs to look great and operate flawlessly. You only get one first impression and most people ignore what your app does if it has issues.​

8. Next Steps: Funding, Growth
Most investors expect a technical cofounder. A Fractional CPTO (or CTO) can fill this role for you without sacrificing considerable equity. A fractional CPTO helps you hire a full-time CPTO when the time is right.

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