About Us

A Hearty Welcome!

A message from our founder

Marty Gindi

Founder, CEO

A hearty, warm welcome, and thank you so much for taking the time to visit!


I’m excited to proudly bring my decades-long experience in leading wave technologies to your mobile startup or any high-tech venture.


About me: I once had a curmudgeon say in a meeting: “Ah, there’s Marty with all his enthusiasm.” Well, yes, I unapologetically use that enthusiasm and experience to make ideas come to life in a professional, buildable, well-researched manner.


I helped build the mobile world we live in. Did you send a text message today that happened to go to a friend on another carrier? I wrote that. Did you buy a ringtone on a Verizon flip phone? It was the number-one downloaded app worldwide for several years and introduced people to the UI/UX ideas we use today. I did 16 years at Bell Labs on the Unix Kernel. I also infamously turned Bill Gates down to be employee number 20.


Recently, I did an entertaining Augmented Reality app for gold bars whose ownership is stored on the blockchain. We’re working on an AI system to detect disagreements in Agile Sprint meetings that threaten to derail projects. We’re also working on a project to light up your phone at sporting events, creating fun lighting effects for the crowd.


My team, partners, and I love being simpatico with clients, profoundly understanding and building their vision. We believe in having fun and loving what we do.


We’d love to hear about your project and how we can help by meeting you for a free half-hour consult.

Our Philosophy

It's your vision and passion; we would be privileged and honored to share that passion with you.

Experts in Our Rolodex

Here are just a few of the experts available to us. Each one our founder has either directly worked with or has throughly vetted. We'll recommend one or more of these individuals or one of our partner companies below to your project.

Gerry Seidman
Tech Leadership
Marty Gindi
CTPO, Flutter, Android Server, Web
Ron Hill
Marketing Leader
Saira Rizvi
Marketing, SEO
Julie Gindi
PMP, Project Management
Remmie Vail II
Flutter, Android
Mike Wolpert
Marketing, Video, Coaching

Our Trusted Partners

Our services bring CPTO services to bear on your app to produce the best possible outcome. Along the way you'll need additional services to get your app done. We recommend the following partners, but we'll work with and/or manage any partners you might bring to the table or wish to hire in-house