SimplyCalled Home Services App

SimplyCalled. THE APP for Home Services Providers


SimplyCalled is an app available in the Android App Store. It is a communications hub and scheduling app for busy home services professionals (e.g., Plumbers, lawn care, and related professions).

It answers missed calls, lets you review customer info, call history, and notes during a call, and enables you to jot down call results. Its most unique feature is ‘SimplyCalled Messages’; these are text messages sent either automatically on missed calls or manually. The text message links to a ‘please let me know how I can help’ web page that the customer uses to interact with the home service provider. That link also serves as a mini website for the provider. The app also lets you schedule and serves as a full-on caller ID app.

Here is a link to a page that a caller would see when they click on their text message to let the home services provider know what they wanted. (this page also has a SimplyCall upsell)

The app is available now. Here is a pointer to the Google Play Store page: