SimplyCalled Customer Support

SimplyCalled: Truly engaging customers.


SimplyCalled allows customer support to communicate graphically and interactively with the customer during and after a call. It integrates into a company’s Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) and the agent’s console, allowing for interactive sessions between the customer and the agent.

The heart of SimplyCalled is a system that delivers pop-up messages on the phone via an SDK added to a company’s existing app. If there is no app, the system falls back to a text message with a link to the same content. (Text message feature is used extensively in the SimplyCalled Home Services app)

Simplycalled works at every phase of a phone call to customer support; During the IVR selection phase it can act as a so called ‘Visual IVR’ allowing the caller to see and click on choices instead of listening to prompts. It can interact with the caller if they hang up at any point before talking to an agent. Once talking to the agent, the caller and agent can directly interact, say, to mutually view a statement. It supports DocuSign so complex transactions can be completed without the common fall-off when agreements are sent later. Once the call ends, the customer can get a pop-up or text to rate the call or provide after-the-fact information.

SimplyCalled has integrations with Five9 IVR agent console systems and Twilio voice.