BabyBlue: CP/M on the IBM PC

Here is an actual image someone put online of running BabyBlue on a PC


BabyBlue is a computer-within-a-computer card that lets CP/M applications run on the IBM PC.

This card was critical in transitioning from the robust CP/M world of thousands of software titles to the then-revolutionary IBM-PC running under the first commercially available version of MS-DOS. It allowed users to insert their original CP/M floppy disks and have the apps work on the IBM PC.

BabyBlue was produced by MicroLog; a startup spun off from the CP/M team that left Lifeboat Associates, including myself.

This link shows a slightly newer version of the card and someone’s recent use.

Here is a PDF (PDF wasn’t invented back then, though) of the BabyBlue user’s manual that someone scanned. (I do have a printed copy somewhere, though)